Thanks Neil for this testimonial – I have helped Neil create 2 studios now – maybe next time he’ll move somewhere even warmer!  HT

When I moved into a large disused farmhouse space and started building a studio, the thought of having to control the live reverberations terrified me. The walls were thick which was great for isolation but a nightmare for low end rumble. I was no expert but at least I knew that A: there was a problem, and B: I would have to seek outside help, on my limited budget.

Fortunately a friend recommended Howard Turner and he agreed to come all the way down to the south of france for a very reasonable fee and some free sunshine. We had a great time together discussing the in’s and out’s of studio acoustics and recording techniques. It was a difficult job because my plan to was to use the room as an ‘open space’, with playing area and mixing desk in the same large room, rather like Real World studios, but on 1% of the budget! We left Howard to have a good look round and he made a few calculations with his special mic/laptop equipment. Then he not only gave us exact instructions on how to build the necessary baffles and traps, but took the time to explain exactly why and how they would work. The result was way beyond our greatest expectations – we had a clean and bright sound, all at a minimal cost. I was especially impressed by Howard’s availablilty to talk us through any problems on the phone afterwards, plus his tireless pursuit of the least costly solutions. A very professional, friendly and knowledgeable guy ; thank you so much, Mr Wizard! Neil Conti. 
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