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It’s that time of year again – Schools and Universities returning to find that the promised building work has not delivered their dream studio. Here’s an article I wrote tackling some of the issues…


When is a recording studio not a recording studio?  When it’s a bog-standard classroom with some gear in!  Howard Turner from Studio Wizard looks at what it takes to make a proper educational audio facility, and how recent regulations should have spelt the end for shoddy school studios.

If your PE teacher was given a swimming pool full of mud, and told that this was the ‘new purpose built facility for gymnastics’, you’d probably forgive that colleague for getting more than a little upset!  However at the commencement of each term, we get calls from schools and colleges where equally inappropriate spaces have been foisted on Music Departments claiming to be ‘Recording Studios’.  We know it’s wrong, you know it’s wrong, and now the government have given us the means to do something about it!

Since July 2003, new approved Document E of Building Regulations came into force.  Since…

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