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It is quite common for our clients to engage a local builder, or someone personally know to them, to undertake the building of their studio.  As a result, we make sure that the studio building manual, which is provided alongside the design plans. is both detailed enough for a studio build novice to follow, and uses as many familiar materials and techniques as possible.  There is also, of course, our legendary ongoing telephone & email support that we offer throughout the build project.

Of course, many of these self builds are quite compact ‘home studios’, but not always.  Here’s an example and a few words from the owner.

Old Blacksmiths Studios (www.oldblacksmiths.com/) has been in existence in Portsmouth UK for a while.  Ben the owner wanted to up his game and re-purpose part of the facility into a decent sized control and live room.  He had the builders, but he needed the design expertise – so he called Studio Wizard:

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Ben writes:

“Hi Howard, Hope you’re well. I just wanted to let you know that our studio refurbishment went very well! The work was completed in 34 days over December and January.”

00002 old blacksmiths2

“We’re delighted with the results and both us and our clients love the new studio.”

00002 old blacksmiths3

“We’ve had such a busy year and this looks set to continue for the rest of 2019 and beyond.”

00002 old blacksmiths5

It’s lovely to get feedback like that, and also great to see the commercial success that a decent studio build can generate.


The cost of a full design package is much less than most people think.  We also go into existing studios and troubleshoot issues with acoustics and isolation.

Our global reach allows us to work not just in Europe, but further afield into the Americas and also as far in the other direction as China.

If you have something you think we might help with – head on over to the website at www.studiowizard.com or give us a call!

The Author.

Howard Turner has over 30 years experience in the studio business, and for the last two and a half decades his Studio Wizard Organisation has allowed him to stop shouting at musicians and going to sleep on the mixing desk all of the time, instead he gets to design studios and shout at builders for a change…

Further information:  +447803666789

web: www.studiowizard.com

and http://www.facebook.com/studiowizard